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Updated: May 30, 2023

You are made of water and crystal elements and a type of plasma which carries electrical flow.

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To understand how your body works, you first must know what you are made out of as Structure will always determine the Function.

On a basic level, you are made mostly from Water!

According to the water science research book The Water Codes, 99% of your molecules are made of water.

What is left over?

Elements make up mineral content in varied arrangements.

From bones to ligaments, to softer tissues, the entire structure is made from the proportions of minerals inside different stages of water flow and water + elemental phase state change.

The elements in differing proportional arrangements form crystal like structures when joined together in a lattice.

Histological sample of bone

Nothing is ever still in nature, especially water.

Your body is alive and ever changing.

Even crystals are growing, though at a very slow rate.

Water has Four Phases of State change


When water cools down.

Think of ice.

Not much movement happening.


This state helps water to move easily from place to place.

In terms of your body, examples are urination, stomach acid, blood, sweat, tears.


When water is heated up, it begins to evaporate into a gaseous state,

or steam, creating pressure changes.

You can observe this in nature when the sun heats up an ocean of water, the water evaporates and intermingles with the atmosphere causing weather changes, depending on a multitude of environmental influences.

As the gas state of elements cools down, a water state is resumed and rain returns the water to the ocean.

Natures Bio Feedback.

Think of your lungs breathing Oxygen which is an element in a gaseous state.

Hydrogen is also a gas, present with Oxygen to form Water molecules.

All elements can change state and turn into different elements depending on temperate and pressure changes.


When gas (e.g. hydrogen + oxygen) is heated, a type of plasma is produced,

capable of holding great electrical charge.

In terms of water, it has been named the 4th Phase of Water

(not solid, not liquid, not gas)

When bonding happens between our hydrogen atoms,

electrical energy is generated, which produces magnetic fields.

In essence, the water that we are made from generates and carries electrical charge!



Potential Hydrogen

Cellular Voltage

All cells behave as small batteries capable of storing electrical charge.

If we run low on charge, our whole system suffers at a cellular level.

Jerry Tennant has shown that pH is actually a measurement of VOLTAGE INSIDE A LIQUID.

The above chart shows the correspondence between Cell Voltage and Cell pH

Think of a battery cell or a magnet with two ends.

One end repels. This is + Positive charge (proton)

Positive charge sends energy away from itself.

The other end attracts. This is - Negative charge (electron)

Negative charge attracts energy to itself.

It is no coincidence that batteries are named after cells, as they have similar functions.

Batteries and Cells store electrical charge.

Depending on the elemental state change of chemicals, the electrons and protons change constantly, losing or gaining electrons, energy capacity is going up and down cellularly.

A Little more about pH

Most people have seen this chart right?

The pH chart in relationship with food.

ACIDIC is the red zone

NEUTRAL is the green zone

ALKALINE is the blue zone

Dr Klinghart describes;

'Chronic diseases register an out of range pH. In a too acid body, all chemical reactions are compromised, the kidneys are not functioning well and it is very difficult for the body to release heavy metals and other toxins.

The optimal average health pH for

Urine is 6.4 – 6.8 Saliva is 6.6 – 6.75 Blood 7.35 – 7.45'


So, we need to be in this GREEN BLUE ZONE for optimal health.

6.4 - 7.45 value

Voltage Interpretation

Here, you can see that to make new cells, you need to have a - (neg) Cell Voltage (attract electrons to the cell for energy)

This happens at a pH above NEUTRAL at 7.88 pH.

Normal pH for kids and adults is different.

Anything below normal is like running your cellphone on 10% batteries and expecting it to download a Netflix series. It will be rough going!

When the cell loses all of its - (neg) charge at 7pH, a polarity switch occurs.

North becomes South

South becomes North

Negative charge now becomes + (positive) and heads towards an ACIDIC direction.

This means the cell has more abundance of charge that in fact sends energy away from the battery.

Without recharging the cell battery with - (neg) to charge it back up again,

it becomes harder and harder to restore normal balance over time if this condition is maintained.


There are external environmental factors
contributing to this - + balance!

George Lakofsky (Multi Wave Oscillator inventor) showed in his research that land produces differing - + attributes and that people who lived on

+ charge land had a higher chance of developing cancer.

+ charge land example is clay

- charge land example is sand.

You may notice this effect when you go to the beach

As you are surrounded with - charge ions (electrons), your cells are getting a recharge, helping the cell to detoxify itself with all of that extra energy!



+ ENDOCRINE (not shown)



This is the drainage system for your body.

You can think of it like the drainpipes on a house, collecting dirty water to move into the Liver and Kidneys for waste production.

This is your detoxification system.

It is a slow moving water system and can get blocked up easily if the body is overloaded with toxins, is too cold (frozen water does not flow), if the cellular pH is imbalanced and also if the body is out of alignment structurally.

(more on that below)


Arteries carry blood from the Heart + Lungs that has been filled with oxygen

(oxygenated blood) around your body to deliver nutrients.

Veins carry de-oxygenated blood back to the Heart + Lungs to be filled with oxygen.


Nerves carry electrical signals throughout the body via neurons (nerve cells) using neuro-transmission (chemical signalling).

These signal instruct the body what to do based on what the body is experiencing in a feedback loop.

e.g. you cut yourself and experience pain.

A signal is sent via the neurons to your brain for assessment.

A pain response now sends white blood cells to the area to heal the wound, among many other simultaneous processes.


You can see here that muscles look similar to a complex, electrical wiring system.

Jerry Tennant claims that our muscles are acting as rechargeable battery packs.

Exercise and movement recharge the muscles cellularly.

Muscles are distributed over the entire body, holding the skeleton together and upright, allowing for movement and energy storage.

This system also contains Ligaments + Tendons indirectly as types of Dense Connective Tissue.

Ligaments join bones to bones and have limited elasticity to ensure your skeletal structure remains intact.

Tendons link muscles to bones, allowing them to stretch and move with much more elasticity that Ligaments.


Bones are the hardest form of Connective Tissue.

'The main component of bone is bone matrix, which is a mixture of a fibrous protein called collagen and carbonated hydroxyapatite, an inorganic compound mostly made of calcium and phosphate. The combination of fibrous collagen and crystallized calcium makes bones hard and rigid and adds tensile strength.

Inside most of the larger, longer bones in the body, there is a flexible core of tissue called marrow, which is responsible for the production of both red and white blood cells.'



Think of your organs in terms of location and function in this simple way;


Lungs inputs oxygen through the nose and mouth

Stomach inputs food through the mouth

Obviously we need air to breathe and food to eat to generate energy to live!


Heart vortexes Blood through the Vascular system

Digestive organs - Stomach, Spleen, Liver, Gallbladder

+ Small Intestine process the food + water input through the mouth..

*The Small Intestine can also be seen as a micro output,

as this organ sorts usable from non usable nutrients

and it's location is also in the lower region.

**The Liver helps to process waste from the Lymphatic system.

***Kidneys are located on the border of the Middle and Lower regions.

Regulating blood pressure, toxin filtering, 'the kidneys also determine the overall water volume maintained within the body.'



Through the lower orifices of the body, we excrete waste products.

Urine is output via the Bladder.

Stool is output through the Colon/ Large Intestine.




(input + output)


Produce our hormones which act as chemical messengers.



Have you ever seen a hose blocked with a stone, or a kink in its length?

The water cannot flow through.

The same applies to your body, as 99% of your molecules are water molecules!


If your body structures such as bones, organs and ligaments are out of alignment, the normal flow of water, blood and electricity may have difficulty finding their way through a pathway that is obstructed.



What are they?


Over consumption of cold food and drinks, swimming while menstruating, sitting or standing on cold surfaces; there are many ways cold can get into our bodies.

Our human system is designed to function at 36.7*C ish.

We are also made of mostly water. Imagine what happens when you freeze water?

No circulation, no fire energy to the organs. Resulting in pain, organ problems such as period pain and indigestion, feeling cold and slow circulation.

You cannot bake a cake in a cold oven!


The lymphatic system is designed to move toxins out of our body

to be processed via the Liver.

It is a slow moving system and can get easily blocked up if we are not doing regular exercise or self care to move our bodies.

Lymphatic Drainage and Heavy Metal Detox is essential

to get our body + mind back into gear!

Stored Emotions

Getting to the root of many issues we find blocked emotions. Childhood pain, traumas, accidents, family lineage patterns, past lives, spiritual anomalies; everyone holds something inside they would be better served to be released.

Many physical issues have a direct roots in the emotional field and

our organs store specific emotions.

After the emotions that were held within are released,

the cellular memory can be reset through a re-framing of the past events.

Sometimes this involves a bit of timeline changing where some interesting results can occur!


Think of scars like icebergs; what you see on the surface is about 2/3 bigger below the skin surface. A scar is the result of the connective tissue reforming to heal the body but it can cause a block in the flow of water through our meridians.

This results in slower body circulation + poor organ function as muscular battery pack energy flow cannot arrive efficiently to the connected organs.

Scars can be healed.


Similar to scars but more to do with the internal landscape of our body. Adhesion means for something to stick to something else. This can happen internally between organs, ligaments and other structures sometimes twisting things up inside and limiting circulation to organs and other areas of the body. This can happen if we have had operations, accidents, emotional blockages and diet imbalance.


This is a chart showing each acupuncture meridian link to specific teeth.

Damage to a tooth can deplete electrical energy in the meridian and thus affect the linked organ.

In the opposite direction, organ dysfunction may express signs through the teeth.

Infections, cavities, root canals, all can contribute to organ weakness.


When structures such as the spine and pelvis are back in the right place,

energy may flow freely to the organs and meridian systems via the muscles and nerves.

This is done through Ligament Release and gentle Joint Manipulation.


Cellular Ingredients

Our cells require Vitamins and Minerals to create the Building blocks for life.

Herbs, supplements and diet changes can provide us with the

essentials we need to run our cells.


How do we charge up our cells?


When we stretch, elastic and kinetic energy is generated and stored inside the muscle cells. Each organ is linked to a set of muscles observed as acupuncture meridians. The muscles act as battery packs to supply the organs with energy.


Pulls Oxygen into our Blood. Oxygen fuels our cells and helps provide the basic building blocks that our bodies need to survive. Our cells combine oxygen with nitrogen and hydrogen to produce various proteins that build new cells. When oxygen is combined with carbon and hydrogen, you get carbohydrates that provide energy to our bodies that is necessary for us to do what we live. Oxygen is also necessary for constructing replacement cells for our bodies. Every day, about seven hundred billion cells in our bodies wear out and must be replaced. Without oxygen, our bodies cannot build these new cells.


Ingesting nutrients provides the body with cellular ingredients.

You cannot bake a cake without ingredients and you cannot run a body without them either! Vitamin D (sunshine), dietary fats and minerals are essential.

In Chinese medicine, Blood is considered to be a direct by-product of food.

Our blood carries nutrients including oxygen around the body, delivering to all cells.


Can be restored once the Blockages are cleared and the Body is aligned.

Energy can flow freely through the body so the body can do Normal!

Fire and Water Balance

We require a fine balance of Yin (water) and Yang (fire) energies.

Too much in either direction can cause imbalance.

Water provides cooling, lubricating, slowing;

while Fire activates body processes, warms us and moves energy.




In traditional Chinese medicine, there are 9 Causative Factors of illness.


Too much anger damages the Liver; too much thinking damages the Spleen; fear and shock damage the Kidneys.

Long standing unresolved emotional conditions will over time affect the physical body.



Chilli - Cinnamon - Chicken - Mint - Aloe Vera

Follow a balanced diet. Avoid extremes in both directions to maintain longevity.

Over Stress

Being in a constant state of stress contracts the body and disables Qi + Blood (water) flow circulation.

Over Work

Exhausts the body's energy resources.

The more physical work you do, the more you need to replace the ingredients lost (nutrients + water).

Over Sex

Depletes Jing (life essence) and results in ageing.

Men lose Jing through ejaculation; Women lose Jing through childbirth.

Physical Trauma

Damage to the body requires repair.

This uses up the body's resources (nutritive energy/ life essence/ Qi + Blood)

Environmental/ Climatic Conditions


Late Summer - Autumn - Winter - Spring - Summer - Tropical Seasons

The external environment can affect our internal landscape if we are caught in a climate we are not built for e.g. moving country; or, our immune system is weak; or, our workplace in in an extreme condition, e.g. an air conditioned office (wind).

An example of too much Dampness is rheumatoid arthritis - a Cold, Damp (humid) climate will aggravate joint pain as the Damp collects in the joints and blocks circulation.


Drugs, medications and foods that are difficult for the body to process will put stress on our organs and deplete their energy over time.

Wrong Treatment

Herbs, medications and other treatments that are inappropriate for the person's condition can cause more damage and exacerbate the condition rather than resolving it.

For example; if the person is Cold and herbs are given that are Cold in their energetic, this can cause the body to be out of balance in the extreme.

Many pharmaceutical medications have a Cold, Hot or Damp energetic.

‘From the moment we are born, we begin to heal’

Gregg Braden





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