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Return to the Garden of Eden

Return to the Garden of Eden is a four part series uniting three seemingly unrelated areas of mystical study to explore the depths of the cosmological phenomenon named Raising Christos, or Raising the Christ Oil within.

Patterns, symbols and codex’s of ancient wisdoms are distilled through the arts and sciences of anatomy, physiology, astrology, astronomy, geometry, mathematics, etymology, mythology, history, geography, electromagnetics,

Daoism and Chinese medicine to find the codes within the codes and put some cracks into them.

The discovery told in this series is three fold in part.
If the original Bible came from Ireland, then Raising Christos has roots in that land.
When the geographical map of Ireland is overlaid with the Inner Alchemical map of the

human body known as the Nei Jing Tu, the perfect match suggests that Daoism has roots in Ireland too.

When language is dismantled and the systems are unraveled,

puzzle pieces scattered all over the world can be reunited to form a logical Pattern.

Sun and Moon | East meets West

Pulling apart the knots of history; reweaving the threads into a practical guide;
The purpose of this series is to empower the Alchemist with Knowledge of the Self

and the finer mechanics of The Garden of Eden and the Tree of Knowledge.

To become a scientist actively participating within the

Human Alchemical Laboratory experience called Life.

Raising the Christ Oil Irish Bible Daoisim
book four is coming out soon!
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