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THE SACRED SECRETION - Raising the Christ Oil within | Advanced Inner Alchemy Course

Updated: Feb 2

What is Raising the Christ Oil within?

It is multifaceted but the overall theme is a return to the original blueprint that Creation designed for all human beings. The Garden of Eden containing the Tree of Life and Tree of Knowledge held within.

A process of rebalancing polarity within while harmonizing ourselves with the external forces of natures rhythms so we may become our own masters of creation utilising our innate abilities to design and direct our lives and unite the Holy Trinity and Jesus Christ as a Spiritual Technology. To become revitalized and reconnected as the Self, Soul and Spirit.

Healer know thyself.

Recognize personal patterns of function and dysfunction

through observing oneself across cycles over time.

If you have heard about the Raising of the Christ Oil phenomenon already you will know that it begins with observing a monthly occurrence which is the moons arrival into your zodiac sign. This happens once per month, or thirteen times per year for the rest of our lives.

In this approximate 2.1 days or 52 hours window of time, the moons influence on your body causes the electro magnetic energy in the body to become amplified with special focus on the cerebral spinal fluid.

Through inner observation and participation, this energetic event can be guided and directed by moving energy through the spine and brain, to enhance bodily functions, perform inner cleansing and awaken subtle psychic awareness to bring the participant back into harmony with the true (w) Holy Trinity; Self (Body), Soul and Spirit.

Mysteriously, this information has been hidden in plain sight codified through etymology inside the Bible, showing us that the people, place names and events have archetypal patterns observed as the movements of the planets and constellations which mirror the locations, form and functions of the human body as a microcosm.

As above so below.

Even more mysteriously, when this information is filtered through ancient Daoist Inner Alchemy practices and philosophical systems, the teaching is one in the same.

The Daoist alchemists also have a process of Raising the Christ Oil within. It is called the Cultivation of the Immortal Embyro or Immortal Child to be done every month in the time of the participants birthday, or, the time when the moon enters one’s zodiac sign over time bringing the practitioner closer to reuniting the parts of themselves back into one to be then able to return home to Creation, God or Dao.

Conception Birth Death Rebirth

The archetype is one of transformation through cycles.

When the etymology of Jesus Christ is known

Seed | Essence | Spirit

and filtered through the Daoist teachings of the Vital Substances needed to keep a person alive and aware, we can see the archetype repeat again as

Qi | Jing | Shen

Vital Life Force | Essence | Spirit

Raising of the Christ Oil or Immortal Child is an Inner Alchemical

event that requires care and refinement over time.

In the Yang polarity we are indeed raising up energy through the spine,

but on the Yin side of the coin, we can understand raising in another way.

A raising of a Child within.

A gentle nurturing and guiding through listening, observing, directing.

Being a parent to the self that needs inner healing to return back to the childlike carefree consciousness of light heartedness and joy.

Creations gift to us all.

This course is a deep dive into this process of rejuvenation from within, blending Biblical parabolic teachings with anatomy and physiology, Daoist teachings of natures cycles and a qigong energy cultivation practice called the Micro Cosmic Orbit.

It is holistic and therefore lengthy.


We are raising a lot of electromagnetic energy in the body and from my viewpoint of a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner following a year and a half of this process while recording my observations, I have discovered that this practice is very powerful and it has to be done in a safe way.

This course is teaching the yin yang way. The Middle Path between two polarities or extremes to ensure one does not overcharge the energy in their system and cause potential damage.

By following the Daoist ways of the Three Stages of Inner Alchemy, the Raising of the Christ Oil timing can be perfected in harmony with the Solstices and Equinoxes to minimize stress on the body, mind and emotions.

This course is arranged into Three Modules of Theoretical teachings and Practical

exercises with each module building upon the next in cyclical repetitions.

This course is highly visual containing a multitude of colorful animated videos

and printable PDF charts to fill to engage the imagination and inspire

the inner artist with many tools to Create with.

In this course you will learn;


o The Alchemical Language of Symbol is explored through a blackboard of ancient symbols, diagrams and numbers to show how to observe patterns to move out of linear thinking, into holistic cyclical thinking and balance the left and right sides of the brain.

o The Practical aspect of this module utilises an exercise drawing the Flower of Life as a geometric fractal Pattern.


o The etymological breakdown of Jesus Christ, Nazareth, Manger at Bethlehem and the Virgin Mary in juxtaposition with the structures and functions of the human body.

o An introduction to Daoism and the Micro Cosmic Orbit qigong practice, the Three Stages of Nei Dan Inner Alchemy and how to plan the Micro Cosmic Orbit practice over the course of one luni solar year.

o The cycles of the sun, moon and constellations in relationship with the earth and how these cycles tie into the Three Stages of Daoist Inner Alchemical practice.

o The relevance of the timing of the Solstices and Equinoxes in terms of perfectly timing the Raising of the Christ Oil practice over a period of 13 lunar months inside 12 solar months (one year).

o What is Precession of the Equinoxes and how this affects Tropical and Sidereal calendar systems.

o Why to choose the Sidereal calendar system while planning your monthly moon >> zodiac sign observances, why your zodiac sign may change and links on how to calculate this. For example in the Tropical Calendar I am a Scorpio but in the Sidereal calendar I am a Libra.

o Differences between the Tropical and Sidereal calendar days and dates with pictorial examples given.

o Observing the human body as energy moving in a circuitry system, maximum voltage and why the Micro Cosmic Orbit qigong practice must be reversed at a certain phase of time in the process to discharge excess energy for safety and balance.

Practical Exercises

o How to calculate your individual 13th month of the 12 month solar year. You will have 13 times per year that the moon enters your zodiac sign, meaning in one month of the year the moon will enter your zodiac sign twice. This month changes from year to year.

o What is the significance of the 12 Zodiac Mineral Cell Salts and how to apply these salts to each particular month and why.

o How to plan out your entire year of Raising the Christ Oil month by month using a Vedic Sidereal Calendar resource.

o How to calculate exactly when to begin your Raising of the Christ Oil process to harmonize yourself with the energy wave rollercoaster of the Equinox and Solstice.


o The etymological breakdown of Jesus Christ and the Holy Trinity and how these energetics of three can be utilized inside the Daoist teachings of Inner Alchemy as a refinement process of the Internal Alchemical Elixirs.

o A deeper dive into the actual practice of the Micro Cosmic Orbit and the metaphysical human body using the Nei Jing Tu Inner Weaving, the Daoist map of the human body.

o What are the Gates and Cauldrons of the body that we need to move energy though and make Inner Alchemical Elixirs within?

o Observing the path of the Ren Moon meridian and the Du Sun meridian of the spine, how and where they join, how this relates to diaphragmatic breathing, electromagnetic energy and the production of the Golden Elixir, the Manna from Heaven, the saliva that spouted out of a rock for Moses’s thirsty followers to drink.

o The importance of moving the Internals Elixir energies through the Three Cauldrons or energy centres of the body, how this relates to Orgone energy or sexual psychic energy and why to return this energy to the heart.

o Exact locations of the Gates along the spine; the path of the cerebral spinal fluid, the Anointing Oil inside the spine and ventricular system of the brain and how the structures and functions of the brain relate etymologically to the story of the Crucifixion.

o How to correctly swallow the saliva, the Golden Elixir

o A deeper dive into the Three Stages of the 12 and 13 luni solar months in relationship with Solstices and Equinoxes and when to begin practice.

o The philosophical and energetical reasonings for reversing the Micro Cosmic Orbit practice when the electrical energy in the body reaches maximum voltage.

o Energetic Preparation to ensure the Jesus or Three Vital Substances are in abundance to begin this practice in a safe and balanced way with diet and lifestyle tips, printouts and a Self Care Journal rooted in Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine methods.

o Recognizing Burn Out signs and when to take a rest from doing this practice.

o Why to avoid the consumption of leaven for 7 days when the moon enters your zodiac sign and how this relates to the conception month, the 12 Mineral Cell Salts and Passover.

o Raising of the Christ Oil in harmony with your menstrual cycle, the Lunar Peak and fertility.

o What happens when unhealed traumas come up and resources on how to understand this process.

o Things to avoid in your external world during the time of Raising the Christ Oil and ways to seal your energy field and clear off unwanted energies imprinted from other people.

o How to align the spine for the Micro Cosmic Orbit practice, where do the spinal nerves go, what are the main acupuncture point names, how many cycles of the practice should be done each day?


How to Feel Your Own Energy

o A short exercise showing you how to generate electromagnetic energy between your palms.


How to do the Micro Cosmic Orbit qigong practice following the Ren and Du meridians, connecting the River Chariot (Ren + Du), anatomy, physiology, neurology, how to swallow the saliva Golden Elixir Manna from Heaven, Biblical overlaps with the body and the Nei Jing Tu - The Inner Weaving, the ultimate visualisation guide to the practice of Inner Alchemy.

There it is in a nutshell dear Seeker of Truth.

Join me in this Online Course and learn how to unify the Jesus Christ Holy Trinity within you!


Anaya Science Witch


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