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B I O  F E E D B A C K

Welcome to the Remote Control!

I call it The Remote Control as it literally is changing the Program you are running to a better, more fun-filled channel!

So what is Bio Feedback?

It is a technology that scans your unique energy field to analyze your information in terms of Mind Body Spirit.

It then is able to correct imbalances in your Bio Field, using the Schumann Resonance as a carrier wave. 

How will this improve your life?

Anything that tries to convince you that you are anything less than an Amazing Unlimited Human Being has most likely been Programmed into you in some way.

It can all be changed to improve your life across all levels in a way that will make you question all that you believe about what is possible!

reprogram the subconscious mind with biofeedback bioresonance therapy


To comprehend the concept of Bio Feedback, we can understand some words!

BIO - is used at the beginning of nouns and adjectives that refer to life or to the study of living things.

FEEDBACK - occurs when outputs of a system are routed back

as inputs as part of a chain of cause-and-effect that forms a circuit or loop.


*When you touch a hot fire, your nerves sense the heat disturbance and send a signal to your brain that you have encountered a disturbance. Your brain then activates a signal to your blood cells to send white blood cells to the area to promote healing.

**You have a thought. This produces an emotional reaction, which then causes a chemical reaction which changes your physiology then causing you to think new thoughts based on the new chemistry. 

*** A person tells you something. You react based on your data base of past memories and reactions. This causes you to react back to them based on your past conditioning or programming. Then they react, creating a loop of reactions. 

'Everything that comes to you is a return to you of what goes out of you.'


Alan Watts

Wave form - graphic representation of the shape of a wave that indicates its characteristics (such as frequency and amplitude)


Frequency - a measurement of the movement of waves put out by a source.

Measured inside of a time frame of seconds, this is known as Hertz.

I Hz means the wave has completed one cycle inside of one second.

100 Hz means the wave has completed 100 movements inside of one second. 

Everything in nature produces different frequencies based on their elemental structures. 

Amplitude - relates to the measurement of the strength or power of the wave.

Resonance - when wave forms act in harmony, or produce matching wave forms and frequencies, they become resonant. Resonance generates a strengthening effect.

If the waves follow the same pathway in movement in the same direction and pattern,

they will strengthen each other and gain amplitude (make each other stronger).

This is known as Coherence.

If the waves are in opposition, they will weaken each other.

This is known as interference.


Schumann Resonance - Just as your heartbeat is driven by an electrical impulse, the earth is no different.

In the cavity between earth and its ionosphere an electro-magnetic field

is produced by lightning strikes discharging energy.

Human brain waves operate in this resonant field measured by Winfried Otto Schumann

ranging from 7.83 Hz (fundamental), 14.3, 20.8, 27.3 and 33.8 Hz.


The Field

Aether is the container, the glue and carrier for all information including electricity, magnetism,

light and sound wave forms crossing all dimensions and densities

of matter and non matter states.

“Ether is the medium for every electromagnetic wave, from radio waves to gamma rays.”


- Nikola Tesla


You can imagine it like an invisible ocean

You are made of it, you are in it, and it is everything as the entire Universe.

A world of waves that we are all swimming within, connecting us to each other

and to everything that is alive in constant communication through

all of the above forces of nature.

On the microcosmic scale, humans are made of water which is hydrogen and oxygen atoms.

In fact 99% of our molecules are water molecules.

When bonding happens between our hydrogen atoms, electrical energy is generated, which produces magnetic fields.

When gas (e.g. hydrogen + oxygen) is heated, a type of plasma is produced, capable of holding great electrical charge.

In terms of water, it has been named the 4th Phase of Water

(not solid, not liquid, not gas)

Water is also capable of holding memory.

This is all really interesting to note and then apply to how you view your own body function,

as with the right ingredients (clean water) and the correct temperature (36.7*C),

chemical processes take place to generate electricity inside your body to

carry information and energy for living!

This Plasma state of water seems to behave not unlike the Aether of the Universe

The Field is everything.

Your thoughts, feelings, emotions as an internal environment,

plus the external world of others internal worlds,

plus the natural world you live in, from the earth below to the cosmos above,

all interacting and influencing each other

like waves bumping and overlapping in the sea.

It can be changed with Bio Feedback!

As Above, So Below

As Within, So Without

reprogram the subconscious mind with biofeedback bioresonance therapy

Just like we forget our dreams, we forget what we create in a day with our thoughts and our words.

What we are focusing on to heal, we also forget to take notice of because we become distracted by the external world life.

It takes time to create a new neural habit pathway in the Mind which will then become expressed as chemical changes in the body.

Daily repetition creates cumulative resonance to alchemize a noticeable change.

Repetition of mantra and or Bio Feedback sound frequencies powered by Self Awareness,

Intent and Imagination enables you to

participate in your change!

The Healer within is You, awoken as your Point of Attention is laser focused into Your Self to consciously create changes to improve your life!


Check out an article on My Blog page

'Scientists Prove DNA Can Be Reprogrammed

by Words and Frequencies'


reprogram the subconscious mind with biofeedback bioresonance therapy

how does a session work?

Your unique voice print - like a finger print, is recorded and made into an algorithm or a pattern

reprogram the subconscious mind with biofeedback bioresonance therapy

That pattern is compared to all of the frequencies I have in my technology in terms of investigating your Bio Field.


The readings will show if you are in harmony with something, or out of harmony. 


The Bio Field includes emotions, thoughts and physical body system readings and also provides vibrational remedies to resolve issues.

It also includes vibrations of people you have spoken with, things you have seen or heard or reacted to, events from the past held between you and others and much more!


Because it is an energetic reading in a moment in time, the results may not have actually manifested into the physical dimension. If your issue has lingered for a long time, it will have potentially have manifested into your physical body.

Depending on what you would like assistance with to change, plus what came up as my TCM diagnosis,

we can specifically target what to focus on for you to come back into balance.

A sound frequency is created for you based on your voice.

It will only work for you, but your pets will definitely feel it!

You can play it multiple times per day for one week to gain cumulative changes,

noticeable especially after 3 days of use, but quite often immediately depending on your sensitivity!

Here are some examples of mine or my clients Auric Field scans across varying days


Your photograph calculates only 7% of the total scan.
Your birth date represents another 7% of the scan.
86% of the scan is based on the voice.
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