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Raising the Christ Oil within. Following Creations Blueprint

When one ponders the concept of Raising the Christ Oil within, often the mind interprets the word ‘raising’ in only one aspect. To raise something up, to gain altitude, to ascend, to raise the kundalini and open the pineal gland.

Though all true, these are polarized yang, results based viewpoints.

What about the Yin aspect? The polarity of the feminine?

What if we inspect the word ‘raising’ from the point of view of the process of nurturing?

Parents raise their children generally with positive intentions guiding

them to learn about how to navigate their way through life.

From the basics to the more complex, skill sets are modelled

by the parents and handed down to their offspring.

From walking, to eating and ways of communication, to ethics, morals, values, critical thinking ability hopefully engendering human with a positive, healthy

and happy attitude, the child is raised and reborn into an adult.

Yet, sometimes we are taught either consciously or subconsciously,

imbalanced belief systems that can affect our programming.

Raising of the Christ Oil offers a way to access these embedded

core programs through the process of observation.

By observing the external environment such as the cosmic cycles,

we synchronise our internal world with the external via natures rhythms.

Opening up the inner self we begin to observe our personal patterns and

determine what is working and what no longer serves us in life.

The goal of Raising the Christ Oil within is to

return back to God, Dao or Creation.

To reach enlightenment from within so to speak.

To follow this path, we must become light.

Lightened of our burdens called emotional baggage

and dysfunctional belief systems.

The Daoists call this process ‘Untying the Knots within’.

Rather than glossing over past events that caused trauma within, we must go back through our personal timeline and bring up to the surface said events to be examined and released

from the Pattern of Creation so we are free to create our future from a state

of clarity and truth without any knots disturbing our Weavings of Life.

Raising of the Christ Oil is a process and it happens over time.

To deeply understand what is Raising the Christ Oil within involves

an investigation of the literal meaning of the word Jesus or Iesa.

In Irish Iesa means

Seed | Essence | Spirit

In Daoist philosophy, The Three Treasures or Vital Substances

of the body have a curious similarity in concept.

Qi | Jing | Shen

Vital Life Force | Essence | Consciousness

We can also liken this to

The Triskelion, the Holy Trinity.


Three energetic aspects that comprise a human from the material to the immaterial.

The seen and the unseen forces that we are made of and use to

communicate between our internal and external environments

across the past, present and future lifetimes.

Imagine that these three wavy lines are the three aspects of you.



Seed | Essence | Spirit

Jesus or Iesa

Raising of the Christ Oil within is a process to bring these three aspects back into harmony and synchrony as the Holy Trinity for Inner Self Realisation.

Bring the Three back into One.


Steve Richards of Holographic Kinetics Aboriginal Dreamtime Healing defines the three aspects of the Self, Soul and Spirit very clearly.

The Soul is the part of you that records programs called beliefs and uploads them to the cellular memory. The cellular memory also contains the DNA coded blueprints Creation gave to you as a human design. These programs and blueprints influence the Self or Body with instructions on how to grow, think and operate on a day to day basis.

The Spirit is the part of you that is eternal and remembers everything. From past lives to this life, the Spirit is the part that participates in experiences. The Spirit uploads its experiences to the Soul who updates the programming which defines how the Self behaves.

The Self is the Body, the Seed, the more physical aspect of the Holy Trinity. The Self carries the Spirit and Soul within and all three participate in Life together and interact with each other.

In terms of Raising the Christ Oil within, this terminology relates directly to the etymological translation of the name Iesa or Jesus.

Seed | Essence | Spirit

A Seed represents the physical body; the Self. A thing with inbuilt DNA programming containing the blueprint for life designed by Creation. Under the right conditions, the Seed may germinate and sprout forth, grow into a tree or whatever type of plant is was programmed to be.

Just as a human requires sunlight, oxygen, food and water to survive, the Seed with the same needs represents the human body breathing air and processing nutrients from food to optimize life.

In Daoist philosophy, these nutrients are a part of Qi, Vital Life Force energy.

Essence can be likened to the Soul, especially when we refine the terminology through the Daoist perspective. Essence or Jing is one of the Three Treasures of Chinese philosophy. The Three Treasures are known as the Vital Substances that keep us alive and conscious.


Breath + Nutrients | Essence | Spirit

Iesa | Jesus

The Jing Essence is stored in the Kidneys, bones, marrow, brain and cerebral spinal fluid. It contains the programming given to us by our parents at the moment of conception. In this way we can consider the Jing Essence to overlap with the concept of the Soul, the part of us that programs the cellular memory.

The Spirit as the eternal consciousness in Daoist philosophy resides in the Heart. The Heart spirals blood around the body bringing oxygen and nutrients or Qi to every single cell. Blood; a communication system running on consciousness, cellular memory programming air and food nutrients. Blood is the life force that carries our Spirit within the human vessel.

These Three Treasures, interact and overlap as systems within.

These Three Treasures are called Jesus.

You are literally made of Jesus!

What about Christ?

Etymologically, in Irish, Christ or Chriost translates as the sun, a band, a circle a cross.

In Greek it translates as the anointing oil.

How do we unpack this information and apply it within?

As you may know already, Raising of the Christ Oil

involves a monthly cosmological happening.

When the moon transits into your zodiac sun sign, an electromagnetic event takes place within the waters of your body due to the compression or gravitational effect of the moons position to the earth which affects the tides of the oceans.

Observing the path of the sun annularly we can determine the Four Seasons divided by Equinoxes and Solstices. This is the Sun as the Cross of the four seasonal divisions as it moves around the earth in a circle or a band called an analemma.

Sun | Moon | Earth


Three cosmic bodies that affect your energy field and the watery fluid running through your brain and spine; the cerebral spinal fluid can be considered as an aspect of Jing Essence or the Soul, the cellular memory programming. The cerebral spinal fluid, as it is made in the brain and covers the entire brain is also to be considered as the anointing oil.

Did you know that water can be reprogrammed

if a magnetic field is wiped over it?

Every month when the moon transits your zodiac sun sign, the cerebral spinal fluid becomes electromagnetically charged and amplified.

Practicing the Micro Cosmic Orbit, a qigong energy enhancement exercise at this time enables you to participate in moving the Jesus substances called the Seed | Essence | Spirit into the Christ anointing oil cerebral spinal fluid.

What is the goal of Raising the Christ Oil within?

Is it all about kundalini and the opening of the Third Eye?


It is far more beautiful than this.

Raising of the Christ Oil is about Self Healing

on a profoundly deep level.

Coming back to Steve Richards of Holographic Kinetics, the explanation of how Trauma affects the communication between the Spirit Soul Self is given.

When we undergo Trauma, our Spirit splits apart. It fractalizes. This affects the communication between the Spirit and the Soul and faulty programming is able to enter the cellular memory. Other people or entities can use these Spirit splits as opportunities to gain access to you Soul, access the programming and rewrite over the original design of G-D Creations natural blueprint.

This all happens subconsciously. The Self who is unaware that this is happening, begins to degrade in mental and emotional equilibrium and can become physically ill in the process.

Raising of the Christ Oil is about going within to go back through time to analyze our blocks, our life troubles, our dysfunctional programs and bring everything up to the surface to be acknowledged and expressed. Then we may be able to rewrite our subconscious programs once the old ones have been deleted.

Once the Traumas have been identified and healed through acknowledgement, the Spirit is healed of all cracks and communication lines open back up again restoring the Holy (whole) Trinity within as one complete system.

From an anchored place we gain strength and insight, ability to make choices based on direct communication with our Spirit with no interference energy or other people’s belief systems getting in the way.

This is a process that takes time and grace.

Gentleness with the Self and remembering it is not a race.

We all have traumas, different life drama stories to deal with.

To reach enlightenment, we must be lightened of our emotional baggage.

Raising the Christ Oil within is a journey to reconnect

the Spirit Soul and Self inside cycles of time.

The Three Treasures, the Vital Substances otherwise known

as Jesus Christ, the Immortal Child.

'Before long, the world will not see me anymore, but you will see me. Because I live, you also will live. On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you.'

- John 14:15-31

'My children, with whom I travail again in birth until Christ is formed in you.'

- Galatians 4:19

xo Anaya Science Witch


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