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Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

According to Bruce Lipton, there are four ways to

access the programming of the subconscious mind.

1.The subconscious mind learns while in a hypnotic state. Hypnotic states are associated with increased theta wave activity. We are in a theta brain wave state until the age of seven and in this time we observe life and the and people around us, picking up behaviour patterns influenced by other people whether we like it or not. In this way we are susceptible to embedding distorted programs of belief depending on the life circumstances happening around us.

A child under seven is not thinking.

They are recording programs.

Also, as the child mind does not fully develop into an adult awareness until the onset of puberty, the observations made in the theta years are filtered through a mind who perceived reality in a way that was perhaps an inaccurate version of reality.

2. After the theta years, habituation through repetition creates our internal programs. E.g. repeating the times tables, riding a bicycle, learning the piano; any form of practicing is called habituation.

On the positive side, exposure to positive habits and people who practice beneficial habits will have a positive effect on the mind and attitude towards life.

In the negative polarity, exposure to negative persons with harmful habits may influence the subconscious mind through overexposure and literally rewrite one’s outlook on life.

3. Tremendous emotional shock will cause a state of subconscious reprogramming. It is now known in the world of neuroscience that long term emotional abuse and narcissistic abuse changes the structures and function of certain types of the brain associated with decision making, learning, memory and fight or flight response.


4. The fourth way to reprogram the subconscious mind according to Lipton is what he calls ‘energy psychology’; types of practical modalities that are used to actively change one’s belief systems by harmonizing the left and right hemispheres of the brain to then ‘drop’ a new belief into. He personally recommends the Psych K modality.

‘The body often perceives things in our present or future reality as stressful because what it is perceiving is somewhat similar to something that happened in the past. A trauma that could have occurred as a young child and although the adult mind may not remember or have a strong memory of this experience the subconscious mind remembers and is doing its job to try and keep you safe. After doing ‘Stress Transformation’ the body no longer perceives a memory (past) or event (future) as stressful and the flight or fight stress response is no longer triggered. This allows you remain cool, calm and collected no longer being effected

by the past and able to take action towards the future you truly desire.’

- Psych K

This explanation provided by Psych K echoes the teachings of Steve Richards of Holographic Kinetics Aboriginal Dream Time healing which is a useful modality when the matter at hand is entirely spiritual and or to with past lives and interdimensional entity interference.

Of course, there are many more modalities to use and it really is up to the individual’s personal preference. One modality may be suitable for a certain time as it opens the door to a new experience and this may lead them to other methods out of curiosity as the layers of the onion are peeled off during the healing stages.

Some people use the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) which is free to do for yourself as it involves tapping the body on certain acupuncture points while speaking your affirmations out loud.

How do we put it all together in a practical

way to help ourselves from the inside out?

The Method

Below is the two step process to identify your subconscious programs to rewrite.



What are my dysfunctional programs?

Write down beliefs based on what is NOT working in your life.

E.g. I never have enough money | I am afraid of public speaking

Stop feeding the program of habits.

Become the Creator not the Programmed.

Turn the Negative into Positive emanations.

Change the program.

Transform the dysfunction into a positive affirmation.

(Your name) has an abundance of money

arriving from multiple directions continuously.

(Your name) thrives when speaking in public

as she is sharing what she loves with others.


‘You were in Codependency. Too needy. First, you make yourself happy.

Stop bitching and enjoy what you have. Switch the focus.

If you do not need them, they show up without feeling pressured. ‘

- Bruce Lipton’s insight about himself.



What am I in love with?

E.g. My work.

What do you want for your life?

List your wishes and desires in order to reprogram the

subconscious mind in the positive and present tense.

Enable the subconscious mind to reflect the wishes of the conscious mind.

What are the newly installed programs of your creation?


Wishes and desires

as Positive Affirmations

Ana has a successful and growing business achieved with her own merits.

Ana's books and courses have helped hundreds and thousands of people across the world.

Ana travels the world teaching and learning from others.


‘If you don’t believe it you cannot do it.’

- Bruce Lipton

Can this process be refined?

Along with performing the Affirmations out loud and possibly incorporating EFT

and/or Bio Feedback to assist your process, keep a journal of Confirmation.

What is that?

I learned this great technique from Quazir Johir shared on his YouTube channel as I was going through an extremely difficult period of my life. I used his method of Affirmation Confirmation and I began to see light at the end of the tunnel.

It makes perfect sense.

Write down two Affirmations for each category over four categories including;


'Ana has a successful and growing business achieved with her own

merits' would fit under the WEALTH category for example.

Every morning after you wake up and while still sleepy in theta brain wave state, recite your Affirmations out loud as you read them from the pages of your journal. Follow the same practice just before you go to sleep at night.

How do we know our Affirmations are actually working?

We need to gather evidence!

Throughout the day, look for Confirmations your Affirmations are coming true and write the events down in your journal.

For example; I sold a set of books or an online course. I received an uplifting email or You Tube comment about my work. I magnetically attracted the perfect health serum into my life.

In this way, you build up resonance around your Affirmations that came from within

as you see them reflected in the external world as evidence called Confirmations!

'As above, so below, as within, so without'

- Hermes Trismegistus

Did you know that Bio Feedback technology, otherwise

known as Bio Resonance can Reprogram

the Subconscious Mind?

I programmed my Affirmations into my Bio Feedback technology

as personalised frequencies that play as sound vibrations

while I recite my Affirmations out loud.

The Bio Resonance frequencies are repeating the words of my Affirmations while harmonising them with my Bio Field of information stored as vibration.

The Bio Feedback Loop cycle of

Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind!

If you would like my assistance with creating a set

of Affirmations and matching frequencies to


get in touch with me!

I would love to help you take charge of your life!


Anaya Science Witch


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