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Welcome to The Imaginarium!

Enter, the Magicians Cave

I is the I

Magi is the Magician

Narium is the cavity or Cave

I Am the Magicians Cave

And where is that cave? 

It is inside you.




Enter into a world of holistic health, scalar fields,

remote healing, biofeedback, resonance, intention and alchemy.

A place where Magic and Science converge as we discover the realest and oldest technology

– the Human.


I know a lot

I trained a lot

I have helped thousands of clients

Here, I share it for you

The holistic viewpoint


A place to learn about how your body works from the TCM, Ayurvedic and western perspective

with some extras I have learned along the ways.

Once I began learning I released it is a never ending place to be.

But there are fundamentals of natural laws that everyone should know about!

Do you want to learn Chinese medicine for Self Healing without doing a degree?


Here I am extracting the essence into basics for everyone interested in self healing to access.

Described in a way unique to my creative force of nature and clinical experiences.


My goal is to take the complications out of the healing process.

To inspire you to take charge of your precious vessel with knowledge backing your decision making processes


Learning should be fun, creative, expressive and holiststic.

The 'medicalisation' of health has drained the fun out of truly living!


Here if we focus on health not disease, your outlook on life will change for the better.

Your body is yours and not something to be afraid of when things go wrong.

Healer know thyself applies to everyone, not only physicians


The mystic truths have been covertly hidden as occult secrets that only those with special training were privy to.


If you have the Power of Imagination,

you have the Power to Self Heal!

Because it's what humans are and it's what humans do.

You were literally born with this ability!

A little bit science, a little bit magic

Welcome to the magicians cave of a science witch!

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Free presentations dedicated to fundamentals of ancient wisdom and modern sciences with practical applications to bring solutions to your problems!

TCM, Ayurveda, water structure, sacred geometry, electro magnetic physics and more!

  • YouTube


Video explorations questioning the nature of perceived reality through the telling of my many personal mystical experiences.

Up as down, in as out, truth as lies. Awareness must be sharp in this realm. 

  • YouTube
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