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My Experience with Bio Feedback technology

Updated: May 30, 2023

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My friend and former client told me one day about her experience with a remote healing session she did recently.

Her story fascinated me and I booked an appointment with her practitioner.

His method was part psychic and part bio resonance

I sent him a photo of myself which he scanned with his software to make an energetic reading, then we had a brief chat on a video call about what I wanted to focus on.

Mostly it revolved around cutting ties to past relationships that were still

hanging around as a psychic influence in my life.

After our chat, we got offline and he set to work for 15 minutes as I laid in a relaxed state.

After the session ended, I got up and immediately got my period two days early.

My body had responded quickly.

Within an hour I noticed as I stood in the kitchen, my left shoulder in the area that I had a chronic injury from surfing years before began to shift.

The energy blockage moved from my left shoulder to the opposite shoulder in the same place mirrored and then left my body.

I had not even told him about this injury.

I surmise it was storing some energy in a weakened cellular water electric field due to the past injury.

The next day I experienced muscle pain similar to the after affects of a detox massage.

Bio resonance

I am convinced

A month or two later, I found the BioFeedback technology I now use for clients.

Mold, bacteria, virus, fungus, Lyme, spinal alignment, organ and meridian clearing, emotional re balancing, homeopathy and much more.

I am amazed at the accuracy of the readings.

On the third day of using the frequencies, I got out of bed and

notably was standing up straight as an arrow.

When I rode my motorbike noticed how heart forward I was in my posture.

An absolute physical shift just using frequencies!

I realized that since living in Bali, I had accumulated a lot of environmental

toxins that were weighing me down.

Especially mold.

I began to send frequencies to friends to share the magic and collect some data.

Did other people get results too?

Yes they did

I purchased the technology and incorporated it into my physical clinical practice merging acupressure, acupuncture, PEMF, lymphatic drainage and

spiritual rescue with great results for clients.

Time, space, distance are no longer barriers to being able to help

people shift their energetic blocks.

Energetic blocks that may not even be yours but are due to the morphogenic resonance field that influences us and connects us all as one.

We can shift it all

Heal the past and rewrite the now to affect the future

I listened to the annual conference of the BioFeedback technology community.

This told of some fascinating experiences.

One woman used the frequencies for her son to make some money.

He made twenty thousand pounds in crypto overnight!

Another woman reported that she broke her wrist so severely that the bone was visibly displaced. She used the frequencies on loop all night and woke to find the bone had moved back into alignment.

When she went for an x-ray the next day, the doctors reported that yes, she had suffered a break in the past but it was completely healed.

She told them she broke it yesterday and they did not believe her.

I decided to upgrade the technology to the full kit and transform my clinical practice to be able to offer remote sessions to anyone in the world.

I now have over 800 panels of frequency energy signatures to correct energetic field disturbances

I have used them successfully to restore two friends father's and get them active again who were experiencing pain in the stomach and head post vaccine. (Vascular blood clots).

I have restored myself back to cognitive function after a huge dose of WiFi radiation.

(See my blog article on EMS)

I have also noticed since using the dental formulas that my teeth on the bottom jaw have moved back into alignment. I had a permanent brace behind my teeth from the age of 14 to 33 which seriously messed up my alignment and I had a tooth gap.

Now it is gone.

I have helped friends get magical money in needed emergency situations.

Another friend was able to sleep more easily, and another cleared his shoulder injury after 30 minutes of the frequency formula targeted to bones, muscles and ligaments.

A similar situation with another friends rib injury!

It works

This is what I offer to you.

A little bit science, a little bit magic,

a whole lot of fun and learning about yourself in the process!


Anaya Science Witch



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