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Electro Hyper Sensitivity

Updated: May 30, 2023

Are you experiencing physical, mental or emotional issues with no explainable cause?

You may be EMF Sensitive.

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What is Electro Hyper Sensitivity?

It is easiest to describe as similar to an allergy.

Why is this important to me?

Everyone is affected.

No one can see it.

Not many people can feel it, but I can.

It is not just WIFI signals

Since the introduction of radio wave broadcasts, a relationship has been historically noted between human health decline and radio signal exposure.

George Lakofsky noticed in the early 1900s that the natural flight path of birds was disrupted each time the radio station made a broadcast.

They essentially lost their ability to navigate.

What were my symptoms personally?

My Story


The third cell phone I ever owned was a Sony. The phones I had owned before that were not WIFI capable. They only did calls, SMS and MMS.

I began to notice that when I switched the phone on to data roaming, I would get a sensation of heat and muscle pain in my hand that was holding the phone. I would also start to become angry. I made the correlation that these sensations only occurred on data roaming, so I avoided using that function.

Normal WIFI was not noticeably affecting me at this point.


In 2013 I was in my final year of five years of full time study.

For 4.5 years I was a pro at writing essays and general student ability. I was even mentoring other students who were having issues with the research paper assignments.

In the month of June I began to find everything difficult.

It seemed like overnight I developed cognition issues.

I thought I needed glasses again as I wore them as a child, but we only discovered a slight stigmatism at the optometrist.

Looking back now, I realise it was most likely the WIFI exposure

I went from a lifestyle as a fashion designer doing 90% practical and 10% computer work to a full time student of Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine writing essays and upping my WIFI useage to at least 50% and spending more time in general around computers and cell phones.

Add in heavy metal exposure from amalgam fillings and spray on deodorants in my youth plus a head injury less than 6 months earlier and one has a perfect recipe for cognitive decline.

I had no idea what was happening.

I just thought I was becoming stupid or maybe tired.

It was frustrating.

After my degree was complete, I traveled around the world for 10 months.

I barely used WIFI, so my symptoms lessened.


By 2019 my sensitivities had returned as I was in clinic and using the computer a lot.

I was in the habit of turning off my phone and laptop when not in use.

One night a friend stayed over.

I woke up the next morning feeling like all of the moisture in my brain had been sucked out (myelin sheath damage).

I discovered that he had slept with his cell phone under his pillow next to me with the WIFI running all night.

I also encountered huge emotional shifts after talking to a certain person on Skype.

Each time I spoke with them, for the next two days it was as if my tolerance for other people had been removed.

A feeling of something blaring at my head, like heat but not, but still having the sensation of my cells being cooked. Also pressure, tingling, gripping in my head and feeling like my brain was dying.

In a certain area of my local town, there a number of cell phone towers condensed all together.

On two occasions I have stayed at a friends house in this area.

I could not sleep at all. Not one wink.

Lying in bed trying to sleep was like lying in a field of electricity.

One of my clients lives in this area and has chronic sleeping issues. I let him use one of my WIFI protection devices for a few days and he was able to sleep! When he gave it back to me, his sleeping trouble began again.


In June of 2021 I moved to a new house with a friend. My former house was in the country side. It had one WIFI router on the edge of the property and I had a lot of tree cover and nature surrounds.

The new house was closer to town, had far less trees and nature in general.

We has a modem close to the kitchen and a router above the swimming pool pointing to all of the bedrooms.

My friend installed and extra modem for his work. This was located near the kitchen.

There were also three cell phone towers in line of sight from the house.

Essentially I had gone from minimal exposure and tree protection, to maximum exposure and less nature.

Things got bad quickly.

I first noticed it in my face.

Ageing overnight badly, total lymphatic decline, face falling, skin gray, feeling like my face was falling off, heavy, sinking feeling in my skin. My face also felt like it was made of cake. Like I was wearing a mask of mud.

My skin on my arms getting dryer by the week.

This was the precursor to an emotional breakdown.


Unprovoked, uncontrollable anger.

Feeling as if I could laugh and cry at the same time. A very manic state.

Feeling as if I were not in control of the words I would express.

Emotional attack on my friend then apologizing an hour later. 'I don’t know what came over me/ that was not me/ I don’t usually behave like that/ I am not usually so mean.' Then crying for the fact I did that feeling so out of control.

Lack of tolerance (again)

Unexplained aversion/ fear of computers/ answering emails.

Feeling like a nut job when I told my friends what was going on, but so compelled to warn them.

Crying by myself as, my friend believed me but he could not relate. I felt like a hypochondriac, but it was all very real and painful.

I felt as if I were developing brain damage.

I began scanning with my Bio Feeback for glioblastoma (brain tumor) and getting 100% reading in my frontal lobes.

Crying when I could feel other peoples cell phone raditations (some phones were worse than others).

The crying was like a symptom of the physical feeling of the radiation.

My Soul was crying. My cells were crying as they tried to protect themselves.

Supreme dehydration.

Once I could feel it, everything was amplified…

I began my research again, learning that the effects are cumulative

Why I am more affected than other people?

Within a space of four years I had experienced three head injuries and was indirectly struck by lightening.

Though I had no physical symptoms to be seen, these events caused blood brain barrier damage and immune system reduction due to a vertebrae being out of alignment in my spine with the nerve supply to my thyroid lowered.

The thyroid is the immune system.

The lightening strike made me extra sensitive to electricity.



Through my research I discovered that if the swimming pool has any metallic or conductive particles, these can act as antenna to transmit electrical signals.

The router was right over the swimming pool and aimed its beam to the bedroom and my clinic.

On the topic of swimming pools, I discovered that chlorine disrupts thyroid function!

'Chlorine, flourine, and fluoride are chemically related to iodine and compete with it, blocking iodine receptors in the thyroid gland.'


I realised why I never had one swim in the pool of that house!

I have been off swimming pools for years in fact.

Subconsciously protecting my thyroid and therefore my immune system.

Even though the cell phone towers were very far away, the line of sight to the house was unbroken across the flat landscape. There were no trees or hills to break the signal. Combining three towers together using the same frequencies potentially made the signals amplified (phase coherence).

'If the two signals reach the receiver in-phase (both signals are at the same point in the wave cycle when they reach the receiver), then the signal is amplified. This is known as an “upfade.” If the two waves reach the receiver out-of-phase (the two signals are at opposite points in the wave cycle when they reach the receiver), they weaken the overall received signal. If the two waves are 180º apart when they reach the receiver, they can completely cancel each other out so that a radio does not receive a signal at all. A location where a signal is canceled out by multipath is called a “null” or “downfade.'


All factors combined provided a layering effect.

I could even feel the radiation coming off SMART light bulbs.


As a contributing factor

I live in a tropical jungle environment.

Mold is everywhere.

'The unprotected mold plate showed a dramatic increase in the number of biotoxins produced – more than 600 times! Dr. Klinghardt concludes that indoor mold contaminants as well as other biotoxins (such as those found in Lyme Disease), are highly sensitive to electromagnetic fields. EMFs therefore easily step up neurotoxin production and have a major impact on the immune system.'


The irony was that I was highly aware of all of the research as I had presented on WIFI radiation at a few festivals in 2019

What are general symptoms?

Memory issues

Cognitive dysfunction

Sleep disturbance

Mood disturbance - depression anxiety

Behavioral problems in children (ADHD)

According to Dr Martin Pall, effects include;

'1) Various neurological/neuropsychiatric effects, including changes in brain structure and function, changes in various types of psychological responses and changes in behavior.

2) At least eight different endocrine (hormonal) effects.

3) Cardiac effects influencing the electrical control of the heart, including changes in ECGs, producing arrhythmias, changes that can be life threatening.

4) Chromosome breaks and other changes in chromosome structure.

5) Histological changes in the testes.

6) Cell death (what is now called apoptosis, a process important in neurodegenerative diseases).

7) Lowered male fertility including lowered sperm quality and function and also lowered female fertility (less studied).

8) Oxidative stress.

9) Changes in calcium fluxes and calcium signaling.

10) Cellular DNA damage including single strand breaks and double strand breaks in cellular DNA and also 8-OHdG in cellular DNA.

11) Cancer which is likely to involve these DNA changes but also increased rates of tumor promotion-like events.

12) Therapeutic effects including stimulation of bone growth.

13) Cataract formation (previously thought to be thermal, now known not to be).

14) Breakdown of the blood-brain barrier.

15) Melatonin depletion and sleep disruption'


Mechanism of Action

Its not heat…

"Microwave ovens cook food by generating intermolecular friction between the molecules of the food. The microwaves cause water molecules to vibrate; the increased friction between the molecules results in heat. Microwaves could affect your tissue in a similar way if they were able to escape from the microwave oven.'


Humans are made of water.

99% of our molecules are water molecules.

Microwave ovens operate at a frequency of 2.45Ghz.

4G cell phone signals use exactly the same frequency to transmit wireless signals.

'Your router, your cordless phone, your Bluetooth earpiece, your baby monitor and your garage opener' also operate on 2.45Ghz


This means that yes, the microwaves have escaped the oven

The sensation of heat I was feeling was due to microwave frequencies causing friction between my water molecules resulting in internal heat.

A cooked human.

Why am I paying a company for a service that is cooking me alive?


'EMFs act by activating channels in the membrane that surrounds each of our cells, called voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCCs).

The EMFs put forces on the voltage sensor that controls the VGCCs of about 7.2 million times greater than the forces on other charged groups in our cells [4,6,7].

This is why weak EMFs have such large biological effects on the cells of our bodies!

EMFs works this way not only on human and diverse animal cells [1-7] but also in plant cells [7] so that this is a universal or near universal mechanism of action.'


Essentially, these external electro-magnetic signals are disrupting the internal electrical signalling that happens within our neurons and cells.

Humans are electric beings

These frequencies are disturbing our natural biological rhythms.

Calcium channel ion disruptor

Martin L. Pall shows in his studies that EMF microwave radiation disrupts the human cells and open the calcium channels on the cells. Resulting in a flood of calcium to the cell and causing the organs of the cell (organelles) to become calcified/ non elastic.

Pall also suggests this cellular damage can lead to neuro-psychiatric changes (mood disturbance).


*Depleting the blood brain barrier. This means that toxins can cross into the brain which should normally be protected.

*Attacking the myelin sheath on neurons

The myelin sheath is a layer of fat that protects the nerve cells. Think of it like insulation on a wire. If the insulation is cracked, the electricity in the wire escapes the circuit.

*Affecting the larger neural grouping areas – brain, gut, reproductive;

therefore affecting the emotions, the digestion and the reproductive functions.

*Oxidative stress due to the pulse modulation of the digital signal.

People who have sensitivities to EMF generally have been exposed to other toxins simultaneously over a period of time.

These multiple toxic exposures add up until the threshold is reached, broken and symptoms suddenly appear.

Other neurotoxins are mercury (amalgam fillings) and other heavy metals (found in chem trails and pesticide sprays and many other products), mold, lyme.

Head injury or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is also a contributing factor to EMF sensitivity as the injury/ impact can damage the blood brain barrier.


‘ In Brick Township, New Jersey where a radar station leads to substantial levels of exposure over the town, the autism incidence was somewhat unusually high. Bertrand J, et al. Pediatrics 2001 108(5):1155. Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt reported that the EMF intensity where pregnant mothers slept who produced autism children was over 20 times higher than for mothers who produced normal children – with totally nonoverlapping values.

Small study but with high statistical significance!

Two physicians each reported that their autism patients showed very substantial improvements in symptoms, when moved into an environment with much lower field exposures.’

'The autism epidemic is caused by EMFs, acting via calcium channels and chemicals acting via NMDA- rs: Downstream effects cause autism/ ASDs'



Distance from the source of the signal – SMART Meter; modem; router; laptop; cell phone (+airplane mode, switch off Bluetooth), cordless phone, baby monitor, microwave oven, cell phone tower.

Move to nature – Trees block the signals and help to discharge them back into the earth.

Earthing yourself – literally spending time on the grass or earth. Also you can buy mats, sheets, pillows, earthing pads for your home.

Ethernet Cable – go back to the 90s and get wired. You can switch off the WIFI function of the router and send the signal directly through the cable.

Dirty Electricity - Turn off as much as you can while you sleep. Flick off the circuit breaker to the bedrooms.

Heavy Metal Detox – Remove all those tiny little particles that are acting as antennae for radio signals. Glutathione, Zeolite, ASEA Redox Signalling Molecules for cellular detox.

Lymphatic Drainage - abdominal massage, jump rope, steaming and sauna, Infa red sauna.

Salt baths – Epsom salts, sea salt, kaolin clay, bentonite clay, essential oils.

ElectroSmart app – measure the signal strengths coming from your devices and local towers.

Bio Geometry – Ibrahim Karim has written a book explaining how Bio Geometry works. He also sells products. These help to correct the unseen energy forces, kind of like Feng Shui. Karim has successfully corrected the damaging EMF cell tower emissions for a whole town of people in Switzerland.

Body Alignment – proper structural alignment will ensure your water/ blood and lymphatic flow is optimized. This means easier absorption of nutrients and easier for your lymphatic system to move out the toxins.

Restore Cellular Ingredients


Chaga | Lions Mane | Reishi

to restore neuro-transmission and repair DNA


A neuro-transmitter that will help repair the myelin shealths on the neurons (nerve cells)

Proper Nutrition

Magnesium | Iodine with Selenium | Vitamins BCD | Zinc


As I am so sensitive, I regularly need to use Bio Resonance to correct my exposure time and repair myelin shealth damage.

I got all of the mushrooms.

But i did not see much improvement until I changed my environment

Obviously I could not run my clinic as I was completely fried and I also did not want to expose clients to this damaging environment!

So, I shut down my clinic and I moved house.

In my new place I disabled the WiFi immediately as the modem was in my living room. Within minutes of it being on, I felt the brain crushing feeling. It seemed that my over exposure had heightened my sensitivity to the maximum.

I bought a long Ethernet cable but it took me two months to call the internet assistant to help me ensure that there was no WiFi signal emissions and that the signal would be directed only through the Ethernet cable.

I think it took me so long as I was exhausted and I wanted nothing to do with the internet for some time.

I used data roaming on my cell phone in limited usage.

I checked the Electro Smart app to see the strength of neighbors signals, which was in 'safe range' but I was still sensitive to cell phones of visitors. If their phone was connected to WiFi, I felt as if my cells were dying and I quickly became tearful.

Tearful as my neurons were damaged making my emotions imbalanced and tearful because I was seriously worried that I may not regain my brain function.

I was also concerned as I had decided to make my Bio Feedback business available as an online service, but I did not want to use the computer at all.

I spent at least two months 'off line' for the most part.

My new house was now surrounded by nature which has alleviated my sensitivity over time.

I used Bio Feedback frequencies every day and through the night to repair the myelin sheath of my neurons and detox from the damage.

I visited the infa red sauna semi regularly to clear my lymphatic system of toxins.

It has taken a few months to get my brain back into a creative and productive place as it was scrambled.

Scrambled in the sense that I could not concentrate efficiently to productively execute tasks and goals. I kept jumping from one idea to the next, going in circles and producing my creations at a snail like pace. I was easily distracted. Though I was having brilliant creative ideas, I could not output them in the practical sense.

It was like adult ADHD.

After doing some research on cognitive decline in relationship with 'the virus', I discovered the Fun Vax Project 149AZ2.

I made a frequency panel in my Bio Feedback tech to counter the effects of what was described.

(see my article called The God Gene to learn more about this)

Suddenly, I was back on line!

Creative flow was re established and my production levels in terms of making my new website were overcome.

I also noticed an increased digestive function - I can eat french bread with no bloating at all!

My period cycle has also regulated, as for the last few months my cycle became shorter and shorter. Now it is back up to 27 days (October/ November). Up from 24 days in June, which was when I moved into the WiFi hell hole.

This experience has brought all facets together of what I had been researching years ago.

We are living in a 360 degenerative soup involving frequencies and toxins that disable neural function causing physical mental emotional disarray.

Depending on how you are physically, symptoms vary.

As I have had head trauma and have small bones, I was more susceptible than others.

I recall one video where Barry Trower stated that woman have different resonant frequencies than men. Meaning that women can feel frequencies that men cannot.

This means that a male and female can be sitting together in the same environment and the woman states that she is getting headaches and other issues while the male feels nothing and says it is all in her head.

This happened in my experience as the guy friend I was living with could not feel the modem at all. He would sit less than a meter away from it and feel nothing, while I felt like my brain was melting.

Children are more susceptible than females as their bones are thinner still.

ADHD has been directly linked with WiFi and dirty electricity. When the source of the frequency is removed (SMART meter. WiFi), the child regains cognitive and behavioral balance very quickly.

Please share this information with those you feel it may apply to (everyone actually), but especially those with children with behavior problems and anyone experiencing unexplained symptoms involving period changes, digestive imbalance, hormonal imbalance and emotional and cognitive issues.

Lots of love

Anaya Science Witch




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