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The third book in the series, Irish Elixir contains three hundred and sixty pages from cover to cover. This book is designed to take the reader on a journey with a purpose.

Aside from setting out to explore and prove a theory born on a wall, this work contains the deeper weavings of alchemy that have been recorded in archetypal Patterns stretching across thousands of years of history.

Picking out the common themes, connections are further made between the Bible, the Raising Christos process and Daoist Inner Alchemy with an additional layer.


Ireland and the blueprint she contains hidden within her landscape and megalithic cosmological structures shows the ancients recorded the Path of Inner Ascension in literal stone.


Building on the previous books, the Micro Cosmic Orbit qigong practice is holographically overlaid onto Eire, embedding the energetic circulations into the subconscious through layering multiple threads of information.


Leading the reader through the alchemical body to develop an inner vision of their own biology in a new way through imagery and diagrams decoding Eire’s monuments and mythology as the anatomy and physiology of the human body working in harmony with cosmological cycles.


As above so below.


12 Zodiac | 5 Provinces | 4 Elements | 3 Cauldrons | 2 Meridians One Goal


Raising Iesa Chriost the Immortal Child alchemically within to reunite with Creation.


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