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Welcome to my place of Subliminal Healing with

Bio Feedback technology + the

ancient wisdoms of Inner Alchemy!

Would you like to access your Self Healer within?

SUB | Below

LIMINAL | Threshold

What lies just outside of your perception?

A whole world is waiting within you to be discovered and acknowledged!

In terms of healing, when the unseen things become seen,

we are half way through the tough bit.


If you participate in your personal healing experience in a conscious way you will reveal the undetectable pieces within you that were secretly holding you back from being your true self.

It is time to release fear of your own body, learn

what you really are and what you are capable of!

I am interested in spectacular and instant results that defy current beliefs of medicine and healing.

I have spent the past 13 years in study and practice on a quest to understand the truth of the universe and the art of Self Healing with traditional medicine systems, Inner Alchemical practices

and electro-magnetic devices.


By testing the limits of my human potential,

I unlocked a few superpowers!

The Superpower of the Natural Born Human!

reprogram the subconscious mind with biofeedback bioresonance

I came to realize after training and practicing acupuncture that

everything alive is fundamentally connected as frequency.

There is a frequency for everything as a measurement.

When I put an acupuncture needle into an acupuncture point/ vortex of someone's meridian system and then rotate it in certain direction and speed,  I am helping the body to change a flow in the system using frequency alteration.

Fast slow up down

in out send stop

It's all commands depending on the meridian directional flow, time of day, body condition... so many things.

Acupuncture has been proven to put the client into alpha state brain rhythm.

A meditative state where reprogramming of the body mind spirit can happen in this relaxation state.

Everything that is created has a frequency. A sound pattern vibration.

Creating a state of resonance with applied frequencies can alter the system to engender changes.

With the amazing advances in technology now it is possible to help

people in any part of the world with Bio Feedback therapy.


This technology is actually mimicking what nature does already

and what you are already capable of doing with understanding and application.

Our will and imagination holds much power for personal reprogramming.

If you have ever tried Mantra or EFT tapping, Bio Feedback is the same effect,

but with a difference.

See MY BLOG to read an over view of a study proving

DNA can be changed by speech.


The technology of this particular Bio Feedback uses your unique voice to create a resonant field

between you and the frequencies held within the device.

The effect is a match to you perfectly as you are in the NOW moment of your life.

With subtle readings it is a detective for the subliminal program you have running that you are not aware of.

It will help you identify hidden problem areas to be raised up to the surface of

your awareness to be acknowledged and harmonized!

For example,

The root cause of your gut issue may be due to some tooth decay connected on a meridian

linked to your small intestine creating an electric disturbance in that organ.

The Bio Feedback scan can not only pick up this information, but also correct it. 

It is a fast and accurate detection tool with the added benefit of correcting the Bio Field disturbance.

It's a Win Win!


Self Healing

When one understands the mechanics of how something works,

one can precisely know how to undo problems and create solutions.

In terms of human health, I call this process

Reverse Engineering of the Self

We all have the ability to Self-Heal.

Think about it.

If you cut yourself, your body fixes the wound automatically.

Apply this theory to your insides.

Your body is tirelessly healing itself given the right circumstances!

reprogram the subconscious mind with biofeedback bioresonance


Body fear.

We fear the unknown

But when you know how you are meant to work by learning about

the structures and the functions of your own body, you may then know how to fix what become broken.

You need to know how things work in order to reverse engineer yourself

– from the structures to the spiritual and everything in between.

There are fixed ways on how we behave based on the structures we are made from biologically.

The structures of the body determine the functions of the body creating an internal body landscape.

You also have to have a relationship with your external environment.

It influences you and you influence it back.


Everything is also malleable and changing all of the time.

A changeable structure.

Become a participant + creator in your own life and healing experience so you can know yourself well,

then influence changes upon your reality design utilizing your Knowledge, Imagination and Will.

It's a Bio Feedback loop with you and life as life.

your internal world and your external world communicate continuously.

anaya profile shot crystal double shaman.jpg
reprogram the subconscious mind with biofeedback bioresonance


‘What you imagine with your mind, is all a part of reality’

Our thoughts create our reality

But what if our thoughts are being influenced?

Who is in control then?

Who is influencing?

Believe me, that’s where it all gets weird.

You may have noticed pop up advertisement in the last few years that seems to have just read your thoughts.

What is going on?

Subliminal messages have long been used by thought influences to control

our behaviors and desires through advertising and other media. 

It is not just external influence that will create your reality

Be aware of how you think and speak about yourself at all times,

or you may create something into reality that you do not want at all!

Old stories based in illusions that are not true can keep you trapped in negative cycles of creation.

I have noticed lately, my thoughts and speech have a faster, more direct and

more physical affect on my reality than they used to.

Self Observation is key to detecting what is truly motivating your behavior and thought

Internally and externally

reprogram the subconscious mind with biofeedback bioresonance


The unseen magical realm containing every potential in creation


Depending on how you are in the moment and what has built your psyche from the input of

life experience up until this point, your interactions with, attraction to and

interpretations of spiritual phenomena can vary like a roller coaster.

3D, 4D, 5D, whatever the D, it's D for Dimensions, Delights and Dangers

​The world of Spirit is not quite what you may have been told.

It is ruled by the Law of Agreement.


Agreements made can be used against you to feed off you

D For Discernment

In traditional Chinese philosophical concepts, the Spirit resides in the heart.

The heart is literally the house where your Spirit lives.


When you engage in communication with Spirits external to yourself

beware of making subtle agreements with them.


Because these beings are trying to gain access to your house and take up residence and live off your life force.


A lot of my work has involved pulling these hitchhikers out of people and myself.

How can you become fully realized as a sovereign person if you rely on special powers through an external medium?


You do not need external guides to be Spiritual.

Working with spirits or spiritual hierarchy systems basically negates your own ability to achieve things for yourself.

Connection to yourself and investigation of the Miracle Gift of Life

will give you all of the superpowers you need!

Now, it's Of course not all doom and gloom

Life is magical!


The trick is to be able to move from dark to light, sadness to joy, hidden to revealed

without getting trapped inside emotional reactions that will disturb your peace.

Every experience is training

Spiritual training for Self Mastery




I have a lot more to say on this topic,

but I will save that for Blog posts and videos!

reprogram the subconscious mind with biofeedback bioresonance


Your point of attention can literally change everything

I have always been into Self Experimentation since I began meditating at age 17

I made a ton of rookie mistakes (as per above Spirit connections),

but I did learn a lot about what is possible in terms of energy fields,

unseen abilities and creating reality with Imagination!

A friend once explained to me how to stop the rain using my imagination.

I tried it. It worked.


I used my imagination to conjure a unicorn to appear in the clouds.

Knowing that aether force that all is made from is malleable just like water or smoke

and able to be manipulated with the mind.

I used my Point of Attention, voice and imagination to talk into

a thyroid lump and I dissolved it within 10 minutes.

I literally instructed my cells what to do with authority over my own vessel!

In sessions I show clients how to utilize their own imagination through focus and observation

to literally unwind and unpack information stored in their cellular memory.

​Then, the cellular memory,

whatever it is, may be acknowledged

and released to create physical, mental and emotional changes.

I really love showing people how to do this for themselves.

It is so simple!

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