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My Story


My heritage is Irish, Scottish, English and possibly Spanish.

I was born in New Zealand and now live in Bali.

I have a background in art and fashion

I had begun meditation at the age of 16 using a couple of books from the occultist bookstore.

One book was on the Indian chakra system.

The other was Pleiadean channeled conversations by an Australian woman.

(Retrospect years later revealed how careless this turned out to be!)

I was able to quickly feel my own electromagnetic field and used it to levitate my arms without engaging my muscles.

Noticing the energy field of my arms in polarity to my body field thus causing repulsion and an effect of levitation.


I practiced the OHM mantra so much,

the world literally OHMed back on New Years Eve of 1999.

By the age of 19 I became lost in the world of art and fashion and a party lifestyle

and I suddenly left my happy spiritual practices behind.

That is the period where I saw that angels were actually dark tricksters in masquerade.

*All problems likely due to my meditation investigations.

(more on that in future Blogs and Videos)

I emerged ten years later back to where I began



In 2009 I quit my fashion design business and I had no idea what to do next.

But I did feel a great sense of relief when I realized something.

I was not happy, so just change my life!


My mother had passed away suddenly 3 years before when I was 26 and I was in zombie mode

with a ton of unprocessed grief that I masked in escapism back in the party lifestyle – my comfort zone.

Life was not working.

I began my search inside the internet.

I wanted to learn the Truth of the Universe

Who am I? Why am I here? Am I an alien? Who built the pyramids?

I found Ayurveda.

It seemed to answer a few of my questions

So, I essentially switched out my old life for a brand new one.

I moved to the New Zealand bush, enrolled in a full time Diploma of Ayurvedic Lifestyle Management,

made different friends and began the first steps along the road of Self Healing.

Ayurveda led to traditional Chinese medicine.

I emerged from study 5 years later then traveled the world for 10 months,

meeting many healers and learning their ways from China to Europe to Peru.


I had already realized that just doing acupuncture could not achieve the results I was expecting

and I began to search for more answers on how to actually heal people totally and quickly.

In Peru I lived with an amazing master of TCM and Naturopathy,

She introduced me to her Bio Resonance machines.

She was using them to heal cancer patients in the jungle of Iquitos.

On the fifth day of living there, a bolt of light hit the main power box on the house

and I absorbed it all through my middle finger that was touching the mouse pad on the computer.

I became more sensitized to electrical energy since that moment

When I returned from my travels, I lived on farmland in a 1970s caravan for 8 months as a gardener.

I spent my days pulling weeds with the chickens and spent my downtime drawing

sacred geometry and meditating, investigating my body system.

I went through a 2 week synchronous event that I call my 'Walter Russel period'

Everything I had studied in my degree of TCM and then in Peru on quantum physics

was delivered back to me through dream time via an all seeing eye.

Yes, the eye

The symbol code for the brain


I drew what I learned in the dream time only to discover it was electro-magnetic physics!

Toroids, mobius strips, harmonic time travel through octaves, past life and alternate life recall,

much was revealed to me through my own efforts.

Every second day there was a full rainbow in the sky above and I could see the sine waves of nature

in the grass of the land and my skin patterns.

Curious cloud weather patterns formed and snow arrived in my local area

which is geographically not designed for snow!

One day a bird landed on my head and stuck around with me for 2 weeks

Everything I had input via study was now output

and the world changed around me as I dug my hands in the earth.

Nature's internet.


A year later I began study with traditional Maori teachings and my clinical practice took on a new level

as I began to see past lives of clients.

This is when I first tried time line alterations on a client and it worked!


Everything we imagine is all a part of reality indeed

Life is magical!

Natures way shows us all we need to know.

Technology is based on nature.


Searching relentlessly for the fastest, most efficient way to heal someone,

I discovered PEMF and the Multi Wave Oscillator.

I invested time and money into scalar field bio resonance devices and

technology development with astounding clinical results.

Over time, merging the ancient knowledge

with the new technologies to achieve the instant results I was after!

I learned the mechanics of electro-magnetic applications

and how humans are no different on a cellular level

Realizing these technologies are in fact mimicking and amplifying what nature has already designed,

therefore giving us the extra boost that we so desperately need in this

day and age of medical disgrace.

eye of horus.png

I crystalized all modalities learned into my own unique modality based on nature and logic.

incorporating scalar field + plasma technology with a touch of inter-dimensional

magic into my practice of traditional ways to

accelerate the healing response for thousands of clients!

#BHSc Traditional Chinese medicine and Acupuncture#Dip. Tai Qi and Qigong#Myo-Facial release#Traditional Maori MiriMiri and Romi Romi#Gentling Ways Teacher Training#Wise Woman's Wisdoms#Time Line Healing#Spiritual Anomaly#Bio Resonance#Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field therapy (PEMF)#Multi Wave Oscillator therapy (MWO)

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