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'My experiences with Ana have been nothing short of incredible.

I have worked with many practitioners over the years, but none have been quite like her.


Ana is incredibly intuitive and has a strong ability to tune into an issue with sharp focus and know exactly what is needed.


Her background in Chinese medicine and the suggestions she's provided me relating to my health have been so transformative.

I am always amazed at her ability to just "know" what is needed.


The biofeedback frequencies she's used with me have been incredibly powerful! I noticed a huge difference in my health, sleep and overall energetic vibration almost instantly.


The power of this technology is remarkable and Ana always knew exactly which ones would benefit me most.


I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such a gifted, intuitive and heart centred practitioner.

She's impacted my life in a huge way and I don't know what I'd do without her.


I highly recommend Ana's work!!'





'I can't say enough how amazing of a person Ana is inside and out!

Ana had made quite a bit of frequencies for me...

but one that really stood out was when I was preparing for a competition.

Pre-frequency my mind was all over the place/ monkey mind on full blast.

Ana made me a Superwoman frequency that kept my mind sharp and focused.

I nailed my qualifier...

all my friends could see the difference in my performance as well!'



' Having found Ana, a well seasoned practitioner in Chinese medicine and Bio Resonance, helped me to access my own ability to self heal through her expertise and intuitive guidance in respect to my health issues.

After several months in her carefully crafted whole body systems I must say I am sleeping like a baby, feeling more in balance in my overall health and even in my emotional body,'



'Ana has been helping me with her Genius frequencies for the past 3 months. I have been amazed how it has improved near to everything for me.


One of the biggest changes has been around finances. Ana’s guidance, through her Genius frequencies, has helped me let go of my past programming around self-worth; in other words my limited beliefs around my own success. The changes in me have bought astounding changes in my results; my income has almost doubled since we started working together.


Ana is super supportive and makes the whole thing simple to use. And I feel she is right there as I continue to travel on my healing journey.


I highly recommend you give them a try; like me, it might just help bring you whatever it is you want.'



‘Ana managed to fix an old recuring shoulder injury that was getting to the point where it was having a debilitating effect on my work.

A few treatments and it hasn’t been a problem since.

I was getting to the point where I was looking at surgery so I’m pretty grateful to avoid that.’



'I was originally referred to Ana more than a year ago by my physio-therapist for a persistent issue with my back.

On my first visit itself, Ana addressed a few areas and the effect was almost miraculous!

Since then, I have been visiting Ana on a regular basis, whenever I am in the country and I am very pleased with the effects.

Ana is thorough, empathetic, friendly yet professional and I have absolutely no qualms about recommending her. I wish her every success.’



‘After only a few treatments I was able to sleep on my right side again and lay on my back.’



‘For several years I put up with a numb thigh with no feelings. A GP advised I had femoral neuropathy and that an operation may help. I decided to look for other methods and came across Ana.

She used PEMF therapy on my thigh for a few weeks every other day and I now have complete feeling back in my thigh.

She also used PEMF on a shoulder problem I have had regularly and it relieved the pain and gave me extra energy.

I highly recommend trying PEMF with Ana.’


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