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reprogram the subconscious mind with biofeedback bioresonance therapy Raising the Christ Oil within Irish Bible Daoism sacred geometry

biofeedback frequencies,
+ diet lifestyle + s
elf treatment + recommendations

What would you like to focus on with BioFeedback

frequencies to bring about change is your life?


Often our issues occur as a building up of little things

over time that one day become all a bit too much.

This is when we seek assistance, when the cracks in the

veneer have become too many to ignore.

Which crack came first?

Where do we begin?

This one hour phone call or video chat is

where you tell me your story :)

Who are you, where are you at currently and what happened along the way?


Using traditional Chinese medicine diagnostics I will learn all about you and what you wish to change in your life. It may be a physical issue, a habit pattern, lack of energy, depression, or you just cannot quite get to the next bit in your life path.

There us always a reason for energy blockages and sometimes we need

help from others to see the things we cannot see for ourselves.


Chinese medicine diagnostics are based on what we call 'concordances',

or Patterns of Synchrony that we use to tie symptoms together to form an

holistic picture that incorporates your body, mind, spirit, lifestyle, environment, past circumstances, your current situation and remedies based in traditional and

natural ways to unblock, realign and restore your energy flow.

Can this all be done with frequencies?

It depends. 

Frequencies can greatly shift energy and fast.

But if you do not have enough 'petrol in your tank' so to speak, you may need to rebuild your energy from the ground up. This is where my training comes in handy to you as I offer advice on diet, lifestyle and body therapies you can do at home yourself plus techniques you can incorporate into your life to begin to command your bodily cells from the inside.


It is your body and it will listen to you.

You have been waiting your whole life

for you to speak with yourself!



220 USD

​One hour video or phone consultation.

This initial groundwork helps me build a

traditional Chinese medicine diagnostic for you.

After we end our call, I take some time to create a unique set of frequencies for you based on your voice pattern,

photograph, name and birthdate and send them back to you as an MP3 Audio file.

I will also make a video recording of the entire scan process so you are able to see how the technology works for you.

This will all be sent to your What's App, Telegram or email along with before and after auric field scans!

These frequencies are played 2x per day for one week

as your personalised BioFeedback Sound Therapy.

If appropriate, you will also be sent a report with my insights into your disharmony

plus recommendations on how you can actively make changes in your life!


reprogram the subconscious mind with biofeedback bioresonance therapy Raising the Christ Oil within Irish Bible Daoism sacred geometry
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