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Observer (n.)

‘a person who becomes aware through the senses.’


This is the package where you can decide to make a study of Yourself.

You experienced the results of the initial investigation and you are wondering what more can happen?!


Through time and space, observe yourself in flux and change.


This monthly subscription provides the benefit of the cumulative effect of Bio Feedback with weekly updates to fine tune and refine the essence of your goals.

Updates change as you change!

Track your process with The Journal of Self

- a fillable form is sent out when you subscribe to my email notification!

When I first began Ayurvedic study, we did an exercise.

To track ourselves for one week to collect data to then form a pattern of information from.

This can be a really useful tool for you to get to know yourself better, see patterns and use the information to construct new habits!


The process of understanding something perceived in terms of previous experience

Conscious perception with full awareness.

Introspective self consciousness.'


120 USD

(one month)

30 minute phone consultation

(once per month with regular contact through messenger)

4 weeks of personalized frequencies

(frequencies updated weekly through the QC App)

Quanta Capsule App -  FREE GIFT (worth 65 USD)

(we use this APP to send and receive data to each other)

Journal of Self

A weekly Journal of Self Observation for you to participate in your Self Healing journey!

Access to thousands of frequencies!

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