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Return to the Garden of Eden

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What is Raising the Christ Oil within? It is multifaceted but the overall theme is a return to the original blueprint that Creation designed for all human beings. The Garden of Eden containing the Tree of Life and Tree of Knowledge held within. A process of rebalancing polarity within while harmonizing ourselves with the external forces of natures rhythms so we may become our own masters of creation utilising our abilities to design and direct our lives, unite the Holy Trinity + Jesus Christ within as a Spiritual Technology. A method to become revitalized and reconnected as the Self Soul and Spirit Raising of the Christ Oil is a phenomenon that begins with observing a monthly occurance which is the moons arrival into your zodiac sign. This happens once per month, or thirteen times per year for the rest of your life. In this approximate 2.1 days or 52 hours window of time, the moons influence on your body causes the electro magnetic energy in the body to become amplified with special focus on the cerebral spinal fluid. Through inner observation and participation, this energetic event can be guided and directed by moving energy through the spine and brain, to enhance bodily functions, perform inner cleansing and awaken subtle psychic awareness to bring the participant back into harmony with the true (W)Holy Trinity; Self (Body), Soul and Spirit. Please visit my Blog to read two articles exploring the depth and outline of this Online Course! xo Anaya Science Witch

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