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"All that we ourselves are has been made by the child, by the child we were in the first two years of our lives."

Maria Montessori



To become the architect of your own life,

you may first need to clear your house of accumulated rubbish.

The experiences we encounter as children engage our imagination and create stories that provide the ‘set up’ or scaffold for our entire lives.

Often these stories are traumatic, as the brain will always recall negative situations more easily.


Would you like to understand why your issues have surfaced on a physical,

mental, emotional or spiritual level?

Would you like methods to address your issues naturally?

I will guide you through your own body.

You will be amazed what you find within!


Reverse Engineer Your Self

back to Health

through the practice of

Awareness and Focusing your Attention.


180 USD

(one month)

One hour consultation

A comprehensive Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) diagnostic analysis.

Easy and effective Self Care techniques taught to you.

Bio Feedback energy clearing live remote session

Guiding your Point of Attention to reset your internal landscape

4 weeks of personalized frequencies

(frequencies updated weekly through the QC App)

Quanta Capsule App -  free gift (worth 65 USD)

(we use this APP to send and receive data to each other)

TCM Report

Diet and Lifestyle advice

Journal of Self

A weekly Journal of Self Observation for you to participate in your Self Healing journey!


Access to thousands of frequencies!

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