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Book Two of this series Raising Christos focuses on two main themes. The Bible and neuroscience. The Bible stories of Jesus and Moses plus other cultural patterns with similar echoes are decoded using etymology, the root meaning of words. This information is applied to the anatomy and physiology of the human body to gain more insight and Biblical instructions on the mechanics of the Raising Christos phenomena.


The world of neuroscience is explored to show the places and names in the Bible have literal body locations in the spinal cord and brain; how these structures work and what substances they contain. What changes are occurring electromagnetically in the brain when the moon aligns with the zodiac sign?


Two hundred and eighty eight pages with colored images are devoted to a deep understanding of the Biblical biological links and how it all relates to Daoist practices of Inner Alchemy. An ancient Eastern piece of the puzzle that contributes metaphysical applications to fill in the gaps of Raising the Christ Oil Within.


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