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N E I  J I N G  T U

NEI JING TU Poetry Translation colour.jpg

The Neijing Tu is a Daoist "inner landscape" diagram of the human body illustrating

Neidan 'internal alchemy', Wu XingYin and Yang, and Chinese mythology.

The name Neijing tu combines nei  "inside; inner; internal", jing  "warp (vs. woof); scripture, canon, classic; (TCMmeridian; channel", and tu  "picture; drawing; chart; map; plan". This title, comparable with Huangdi Neijing 黃帝內經 "Yellow Emperor's Inner Canon", is generally interpreted as a "chart" or "diagram" of "inner" "meridians" or "channels" of Traditional Chinese medicine for circulating qi in neidan preventative and observational practices.

English translations of Neijing tu include:

"Diagram of the Internal Texture of Man" 

"Diagram of the Inner Scripture" 

"Chart of Inner Passageways" 

"Diagram of Internal Pathways" 

"Chart of the Inner Warp" or "Chart of the Inner Landscape" 

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