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I N N E R  A L C H E M Y

What is Alchemy?

‘alchemy (n.)

"medieval chemistry; the supposed science of transmutation of base metals into silver or gold"

(involving also the quest for the universal solvent, quintessence, etc.)’






What is Inner Alchemy and

how can it help your life?

The work I present unites the ancient wisdoms of multiple culture to show a repeating theme which is the task of the Initiate to perform across many life times of remembering. 

The life of Jesus is but one archetype in the cosmic Echo Chamber repeating the same information through multiple lenses and and historical backgrounds. 

If we look to the Bible, the message is called Raising the Christ Oil within otherwise known as the Sacred Secretion.

If we look to the Daoist teachings we find the same

crucifirioxn ressurection ascension

Mythology is deep and layered but it contains a repeating Pattern. 

The life example of Jesus Christ is relevant to our current sate of consciousness due to the AGE it pertains to cosmologically as the life of Jesus was set in the Age of Aries the Ram, the Lamb.

Predating Jesus by one Cosmological Age (Taurus the Bull) we find the life of Moses with similar archetypal themes. 

Both children were born inside miraclulous circumstances that set them to be predated upon by those who could see their inner light shine as a prophesy that they would become a savour of the people, so the ruling powers saught the child out to be elimianted and they were going to be a challenge for the system. 

cosmologially, this archetype finds relationship with the constellation of Hercules with the same birth story. Taregted from birth, rescued by benevolent helpers, foiling the adversary and going on to lead a powerful life that transformed many people in the process. 

This is the archetype of the Sun or the Son. 

It is the unification of the harmony of the cosmic cycles that present externally through Ages of time macrocosmically that reverberate and fractally reflect into every individaul person as a microcosmic Pattern when on the Path of the Inner Alchemical Self Realised Initiate. The Magi Priest potential lives within us all and there is a system to this Inner Self realisation that is the Grand Work cultvated and preseved by many Wisdom Keepers over the years told through stories that over time became lost teachings as consciousness went through the dark ages and Yuga cycles.



Now we have arrived to a time of remebeiering and relearning; seeing the truth as the hidden protected information moves back into the light of perception for personal intergration and connection to the true self who is the Iesa Chriost Jesus Christ, Moses, Hercules, the child who was challenged from birth only to rise despite all oppostion. 

Many of us collect together now as we feel the vibration Creation Life Force Energy or God moves through our Cellular Waters.

These waters within are the liquid crystal containers for our memories as a storage system. 

Inner Alchemy is a Path to follow within.

Seeing that the internal world is the hub of Creation with many prats and pieces to learn about and create relationships with. 

Healer Know Thyself is literally the Path of the Initiate and the Wisdom Keeper. 

As Above So Below,

As Within, So Without 

is the perspective the Inner Alchemist must learn to comprehend the magical mysteries of this powerful exisitance called human life. 

sacred secretion




the blue print



inner alchemy blackboard 3.jpg



How does the teaching of the Observers of Nature called Daoist's relate to the practice of the Sacred Secretion and the Inner

Ascension process?

How does the Nei Jing Tu metaphysical Map of the human body relate to Ireland as the original Garden of Eden as spoken of by

Rudolph Steiner?

jesus holy trinity mirror.jpg



When Jesus Christ is translated back into it's original Irish form, we find the words Iesa Chriost.

The Irish etymology reveals the Three Treasures of Daoist philosophy relate to Iesa or Jesus.

Jesus is Your Body Spirit and  Cellular Blueprint.

12 Mineral salt wheel no text 33 salts 3.jpg




The practice of the Sacred Secretion is holistic and mutlifaceted. 

We must cleanse the body of toxins and parasites while making repairs before Raising the Christ Oil Sacred Secretion to ensure a safe and balanced journey and protect our nervous system from burning out. 

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